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Investigator services are services which consist of surveillance and missing person investigations. You'll find other services that investigators present but not many people know about them. Surveillance will be the most utilised solution as it usually entails following someone to see exactly where they go and what they're doing. Lots of the time folks wish to discover out where an estranged spouse is living so they are able to deliver legal documents etc. We can normally do this by following the Target property from their work place. In the very same time they may possibly need to know if the estranged spouse is living with somebody else which would effectively be adultery.

Yet another very efficient service is automobile tracking device. This may also be extremely useful at locating addresses and they also function well with surveillance. It really is quite a small device that works using a satellite somewhat like a Satellite Navigation system. The device is fitted to the bottom of the vehicle using extremely powerful magnets. It records all the positions that the car stops and begins giving an address and position coordinates. We also have a listening device for use either in the residence or a automobile. This really is a voice activated device that will record any noise from the surrounding location onto a secure server. The recordings might be listened to from the comfort of your own property from your PC or laptop

We have large databases that are filled with data that we can use to find missing people and to locate out what property they own etc. We have located many individuals from this database and we have other strategies we can use which are much far better than the internet sites obtainable on the net. It is a bit like a jigsaw puzzle putting all of the pieces together.

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